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Laila Tonam

- Artist & designer

Creator by nature, artist by heart.

Graduated in Design by FACAMP (Campinas/BR), owns an MBA for young entrepreneurs, two post-graduate degrees (Branding and Textile Design) and a Master of Arts with honors by Sapienza Universitá di Roma in Fashion Science. Studies of graphic design and visual communication had always been a major interest since young age, so ongoing workshops and studies are always in the horizon, both teaching and researching.

"Drawing and creating has always been a passion, watercolor is still the favorite physical media and technique. Although it's always challenging to try different things, it's imperative to do so, and get out of your comfort zone. We are constantly evolving and having to learn new ways to do things, which is a great opportunity to do."

Having almost 10 years of artistic, design and marketing experience, many skills have developed greatly, which you can check on the tabs above.


"It was a privilege to have worked in great advertising agencies, textile companies, and even, as a freelancer entrepreneur. Several interesting clients, I was able to develop personal media content, social media, branding and different kinds of commissions, artworks and custom material. As a graphic artist I can create a concept on paper and quickly transfer it to the computer, being able to work on it in both platforms."

Many skills were improved, artistically, digitally and socially, so presentations, meetings, reunions and pitches are very common in this line of work, where a story should be told truthfully to be fully understoodSharing experiences and learning to empathise, facilitates interaction and creates a bond with clients and people.



• Graphic Design / Visual Communication (branding, editorial, surface design)

• Illustration / Lettering (watercolor, nankin, marker, spray)

• Social Media / UI & UX  (advertisement in digital platforms and product prototype design)


• Photoshop • Illustrator • XD • InDesign • Lightroom

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