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- Artist & designer

Creator by nature, artist by heart.

Graduated in Design at FACAMP (Campinas/BR), continued my path through MBA for young entrepreneurs, at the same time, two post-graduate degrees (Branding and Textile Design) and in 2021 Master of Arts with honors by Sapienza Universitá di Roma in Fashion Science. Solid academic career alongside freelancing and owning a small business.

Studies of graphic adesign and visual communication had always been a major interest since young age, with that, I was able to venture myself in the creative field in a deeper manner.

Drawing, designing, creating had always been a passion and watercolor still my favorite media. Although I do accept challenges in different ways, I feel it is imperative to do so and find your best zone.

With over 12 years of artistic and marketing experience, many skills have greatly developed, from graphic designs, paintings in canvas, to strategic plans on digital marketing and social media.

It has been a privilege to work in great advertising agencies, textile companies and providing creative service. As a branding artist I can create a concept on paper and follow its execution thoroughly.

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